EZ Permit Box

The EZ Permit Box is an innovative design made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) recyclable plastic. The EZ Permit Box is a document box that last longer and saves you money more than any box before. Keeping documents secure from insects, potential theft, and all weather conditions. Giving the contractor peace of mind knowing that when they arrive at the jobsite they will find their documents in the box and not lying in the dirt or blowing away in the wind. You will no longer lose precious time making those unnecessary trips to replace lost or wet documents.

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Custom Printing

Personalize your EZ Permit Box with your company name, logo, phone number and any other additional message you would like. Reach out to the public at every jobsite. Allow your construction site to become a huge source of advertisement by reaching every passerby. Make your business presence known for just pennies per day during every construction job. Custom printing on your permit box will become a great source of revenue at a fraction of the price of any other advertisement available.

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EZ Permit Box Parts

Tollis Enterprises offers a whole line of replacement parts for your EZ Permit Box. Purchase what you need to maintain your permit box today! EZ Permit Box components are available so that you can maintain your existing permit box without the need to buy a whole brand new one every time or you can mix & match as needed. It is easy to keep up your EZ Permit Box so your jobsite always looks its best.

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